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Email Security: See why it's COOL again!

Why is Email Security COOL again? With over 90% of data breaches starting with a phishing attack, it's critical to know how to catch a phish!

Let's face it, Email Security is not new. It's been around for a long time. So what's changed and why is it COOL again?

The attacks have changed. What started as SPAM has evolved into phishing attacks. Attacks that start with an email, one that's intended to lure recipients into clicking a malicious link or attachment through which malware is installed on their system. Once installed, this malware is used to collect sensitive information or launch a ransomware attack. These attacks are expensive costing US organizations $2.7B in 2022 alone.

Security vendors haven't been idle though. While the attacks evolved so did they, adding COOL new features to their email security solutions. Features such as...

    • Inline Protection which uses multiple AI models and Machine Learning engines to protect against such things as Business Email Compromise (BEC), targeted phishing, credential harvesting, malware and account take over (ATO).
    • Sandboxing which analyzes embedded links and attachments by clicking or launching them in a virtual environment and observing their behavior thereby protecting recipients from known and unknown (i.e. zero-day) threats. Only those emails deemed safe are delivered to a user's Inbox. 
    • Data Leak Protection (DLP) which ensures intellectual property, personal identifiable information (PII) or high-value data do not leave your organization.
    • Email Encryption which allows you to implement policies that encrypt outbound emails that contain confidential information.

This small list is by no means comprehensive but is intended to show that email security continues to evolve, keeping pace with the attacks as they too evolve.

And that's not all! What is arguably one of the most significant advances is in the training of your users. Services are now available that allow you to determine how employees will fare in an actual phishing attack combined with computer-based training intended to improve their situational awareness in handling and interacting with the emails they receive. In our opinion, this service is a MUST HAVE in any organization's security stack.

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